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bob casino no deposit bonus codes 2019

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Bachelors have consciences, married men have wives. Beshures has been seen entering and exiting the premises.

He that lives upon hope will die fasting. Paul Lyman, Pople Ridge Rd. Does Paul Lyman have a certificate of occupancy and a rental permit?

The property is in extreme disrepair, as evidenced by the attached photos. Pigeons and rodents can be seen entering and leaving through holes in the rotted soffit.

Lyman rented this property to Kirk Beshures, on October 19, Mr. Beshures was arrested on a felony warrant. The residents of our neighborhood take pride in our properties and work hard to maintain them.

We do not want felons threatening our well being. The code violations are glaringly evident, even a blind man could see them.

This place should be condemned and demolished. Canada And The Van Back in does anyone know if the border patrol searched junked vans or the like for drugs, guns or smuggling?

Apparently not because Steen never mentioned it that they did. If they did, maybe this story of Heidi burned in a van is a diversion.

I know it's a long shot but so is Oakes' MA cliff story. We know Oakes did because deputies watched Gary on the 4th, 5th and 6th How deep does this go?

Just reading the info it's easy to tell the OCSD ignored, failed to inv. She lied, failed a poly, went back and admitted that she was told, which proves she knew Roger and then escaped..

Just incredible after watching those videos. But you guys may have three things to worry: Lisa wins her Wrongful Conviction Case.

The FBI investigates your investigation and court proceedings. Cuomo's Committee that investigates corrupt prosecutors.

Out of difficulties grow miracles. Jean de la Bruyere. Dog Catcher From Granby. There was another abuse case where the Judge gave the defendant his choice of probation or jail of course he took probation.

They are letting every asshole plead down to move through the system faster. Word is Oaks has already made a deal that includes a small fine and ACD.

When it is all over Oaks will come out with another one of those bullshit speeches about how his hands were tied and Albany needs to change the law.

Bumb Bell The head of code enforcement is now the coordinator of people about to file bankruptsy. His name is off the city website but they still list his email.

This guy was getting 70K plus benefits for a do nothing job and he blew it. Now he will have to skim three times as much from the carwash to make the mortgage payments on that house he bought in Fair Haven.

How much did the taxpayers lose in that deal. The store in Fulton is half done and i have only heard excuses as to why a completely vacant lot cant be built on.

There are many vacant places in Oswego they could build on including the old dollar store near Walmart. Is this another chetney scam. I bought three tickets and on one ticket got three numbers.

That is the most I ever got on that or the Power Ball. If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it. It's the only hope he has to reheal https: This whole approach is being pushed by two people Callen and Bell who should not even be on the board.

Bell, by law should not be on the board yet he cast the deciding vote to put Airhead Callen in as president. Callen has made some statements that proves she not capable of serving in any public office least of all, the school board.

Here are a couple of here outstanding statements from Airhead Callen:: Because Airhead comes from a well to do family and married into some money, she things the families in this district should be only well to do.

Why did we reduce the staff in only to put them back on in ? The graduation rate is well below the state average. Yes, there needs to be some cosmetic work done on the schools, and over the years that should have been a priority of the school board and each school principle in budgeting repairs.

Those fields have served the district for many years, not counting the fields at the middle school. This district can not get enough kids to put together a foot ball team and I'll be damned if I want to spend millions so the marching band can practice on turf.

Turf fields are not going to improve the community, the city is still full of cheap houses owned by slumlords like Bell and Callen. Why is the vote to be on Dec 17 right before the holidays and in the midlist of winter, reducing the voter turnout.

Airhead, Dumb Bell, and the rest of the out-of-touch board members just love to spend our money on foolishness. This proposition is again going down in defeat, and we need to start getting rid of the crooks like Bell and the Airheads like Callen from the board.

Bet c h Murtaugh I heard that not only does that female have to jump people to handle her problems, her girls have to join in too.

And I don't mean her To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula. I am contacting you regarding a law that is in effect that I believe should be amended.

Our county Board of Elections follows a state law that says the statute of limitations is three days to challenge a petition of signatures collected by a candidate running for town office.

I protested the signatures of a candidate running for office in my town but missed the deadline by a day.

I am sending you copies of these petitions. We reside in the town of Granby in Oswego County, N. On the first page, this petition has signatures of persons indicating they live in the towns of Cicero, Camden, Constantia and Amboy.

Not only do they not reside in our town, Cicero and Camden are not even in our county. These people know the rules, and so have apparently knowingly committed fraud.

All this leaves the candidate well short of the number of valid signatures needed for her name to be on the ballot in November.

They agreed the petition was fraudulent, but said we could not press charges because of the three-day limitation. The townspeople have been hurt by this law and we feel it should be changed.

No candidate should be able to turn in petitions that are incorrect or fraudulent and, because no one challenged the signatures, still be able to run for office.

For one thing, this is not fair to all the honest candidates who go out and actually work to meet people to get their signatures. The candidate and the people who fraudulently signed her petition are making a mockery of our elections system and this is why we feel the law should be changed.

Why even have a law if is so easily ignored and there is no enforcement? I have been involved in local politics in the town of Granby for many, many years and I have never been so disappointed.

Thank you for your time, and I do hope to hear from you. Rose Anthony Town of Granby. Such a statement shall be accepted for all purposes as the equivalent of an affidavit, and if it contains a material false statement, shall subject the person signing it to the same penalties as if he or she had been duly sworn.

The form of such statement shall be substantially as follows: I am a duly qualified voter of the State of New York and now reside at …………………………………………………………………..

Each of the individuals whose names are subscribed to this petition sheet containing ……… fill in number signatures, subscribed the same in my presence on the dates above indicated and identified himself or herself to be the individual who signed this sheet.

I understand that this statement will be accepted for all purposes as the equivalent of an affidavit and, if it contains a material false statement, shall subject me to the same penalties as if I had been duly sworn.

Signature of Wittness ………………………………………………………….. Off hand I can not find the section for penalties regarding the filing of fraudulent petitions.

However it used to go something like…… it is a misdemeanor unless it effected the outcome of the election in which case it became a class E Felony.

So if the fraudulent petition enabled a candidate to get on the ballot and then lost the election it would be a misdemeanor but if the candidate won the election even if unopposed it would be a Felony.

If the petitions were so blatently fraudulent that any elections official could have reasonably been aware of their deficiencies then there is the possibility of those people who accepted the fraudulent petitions being guilty of misconduct.

Bottom line, the three day limitation applies only to the time with in which the petitions could be challenged. If they are not timely challenged they stand as accepted whether fraudulent or not.

The fraud aspect is a different ballgame. My advice would be wait until after the first of the year and talk to the real Sheriff. I should also point out that bring charges or challenges under election law as opposed penal law is subject to time limits and who can actually bring the complaint.

A person is guilty of offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree when, knowing that a written instrument contains a false statement or false information, he offers or presents it to a public office or public servant with the knowledge or belief that it will be filed with, registered or recorded in or otherwise become a part of the records of such public office or public servant.

Offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor. A person is guilty of offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree when: Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree is a class E felony.

Road markings and lights It is quite obvious that the lines at these two intersection were to promote head on collisions; are there two lanes ,turn lanes, what?

They have a couple of double yellows sprinkled white a few dotted lines and some solid white. I was wondering if anyone else noted the new traffic light cycling at 5th avenue and If you look at the new pavement before the light heading east on you see that it has numerous skid marks all over from trucks having to slam on their brakes.

This is because the light quickly turns red when anyone approaches the light even with the absent of cars on 5th ave. That should make short order out of the new pavement.

Again it has to be some brain dead dope in the Oswego figuring out the traffic. Everywhere else a light stays green on the main thoroughfare until cars approach the intersecting road.

Trump administration sued over border wall waiver https: She should be arrested for assault, stalking, harrassement so on as she was when she beat her husband with a baseball bat and that Beth is public information.

You were naked when the officers arrived, uncontrollable as well you lady are a real winner, low class idiot with not an ounce of intelligence.

If you don't know who's who, you have serious issues. Your lies Beth will sink you and if you are worried about knowledge of your affair with the sheriff better pray no one has photos or your phone records.

Keep jumping people in public Beth just shows the public how insane you truly are. I came across one where Jenn W. Now if you were investigating the case wouldn't that give you some idea that she knew who the real suspects were?

And other things said to Pietroski like after 20 years I still have to tell you there were 2 vans? Is it possible the OCSD at that time was really that stupid?

Or was Jenn just too smart for them Or were they involved, knew what happened, covered up for the real suspects and just didn't investigate anything said to them that was relevant to the case?

Becuse no one would actually ignore all they were told in a still open case. And why no lineup? And as sick as Gary was, I would have told him tell us where she was and the whole story for an early release.

Because the answer would have been And about the guy who's phone was used to text Steen.. This tells them that he knew Steen was involved.

If this wasn't so tragic it would be funny just to watch it. Maybe in a little while we can say to you..

I can, therefore I am. Road Markings on Bridge St. I realize it's trivial, at a point in which this world is in turmoil, but is it just me, or did the state make a mistake by marking Bridge St?

At East First and East 12th? When the snow hits, it seems like there could be many accidents. Time will tell, but at 30 mph making a short angle seems very dangerous.

He is spending millions on attack ads. He votes with Trump. He lies like Trump. He bashes women like Trump. He is pissing away our money just like Trump.

Advice is seldom welcome; and those who want it the most always like it the least. The city will never tell the public, and the Pal-Times will never investigate it.

How much of this sewage made its way back to the water plant from the intake pipe. Wonder if they will try to hide it from the DEC? Do not forget that at least one member of the DA's office was dealing drugs at that time.

There were at least three and Dodd knew who they were. Pauldine at it Again! That shit wall that Pauldine built at the base of his property, 30 ft.

There are no dead-men and no backfill and will probably collapse again due to his latest brain storm. Now he has built a 4 ft. All he did was to dig a 1.

There is no protection from for public and a car hitting this Leg Wall will send it careening down the embankment into the lower parking lot.

I would not suggest parking in the lower lot at the risk of you life. There is no foundation in the upper lot except 4 inches of dirt laid down to level the lot.

Another great project over looked through city cronyism from Bell and the Code Department.. You made some good points, but you are forgetting who is investigating who.

They are investigating themselves. Remember the stories about county cars going into the airport at am. Now if you heard an airplane landing at 4am regularly would you take notice of it?

So who the hell do you think is doing this stuff? Who are the ONLY people that could cover up an investigation? Like the man in the courtroom said..

McConnell says Senate Republicans might revisit Obamacare repeal. The time has come fellow Republicans to put the party secondary for your own good rather than voting for someone just because they represent your political party.

Trump is telling another one of his lies 5, something when he says that he will not touch your Social Security or Medicare.

Why should we have to compensate for the huge tax break that Thump gave his Cronies and put us over one trillion in additional debt? I sure if this does happen Trump will be just bold enough to say "Well, Shit flows downhill".

Here is a picture of a van that was posted on this web. Look bluish white with dark doors and a stripe that can be seen in the back?

Is this the van Bivens said twice that he saw? Is this the van Mrs. Fabin saw and said it was lt.

Blue to kidnap her and white to get rid of her. So why was the OCSD so adamant about it being white? Because Richard had a white van?

Oh yeah I think it was. The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made. He has a rental house across the street from a close family member of Heidi Allen?

I would hope it was just a coincidence. Elizabeth Warren proved she had Native American ancestors and now Trump is refusing to pay up on the million dollar bet he made.

Trump is all bullshit and lies. His wife will never take a DNA test because she was born a man. Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

It's about Bivens' DWI case. Bohere talks to Bivens and confronts him that if you help them convict Gary by changing your story of the van you saw, maybe they'll drop your DWI charge.

Then connect the dots of OCSD cars going into the airport at am and the fact they did everything they could NOT to arrest the " three" other guys even after Jenn gave them all the info they needed.

LE knew who to protect, who was getting kick backs to ignore drug deals, who was selling it. Trump and Katko have a plan to cut back Social security.

What they definitely won't tell you is these cuts will also effect disabled veterans. Who had access to it? Why would they send it to MB?

Timing is right when the Heidi Allen case was going on You don't really think we actually believe all this crap you are telling us.

Auschwitz A couple of things you left out Hitler nationalized the press and called them the "Enemy of the People Lugenpresse — the concept of "lying press" made famous by the Nazi party in Germany during Adolf Hitler's rise to power and Trump and Hitler both have the same mental incapacity.

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. The American Nazi Party is alive and well. The Death Of Common Sense.

Why would Oakes tape Jenn's call if Gary is already convicted? If Richard was the last customer why was there meat on the slicer and no record of a sale?

WHy would Todd ok with volunteers, military help, planes, dogs etc. Maybe she confronted them outside after MB asked for a sandwich to keep her busy.

Someone panicked and grab her before she could call the police. This could explain all the cars there. Or as I believe these three were hired to get her or asked to get her.

And bring in Bivens in this. He changed his mind 3 times on the van. This would make sense because a cop would not want to go to Bivens and discuss this.

MB maybe told him that if you help them solve this case maybe they will drop the charges. Because I really feel with all the actions done to get Gary, breech files, massage witnesses, take 6 months to get a picture of Steen for Pierce to look at, 4 months to get the cash register tape, not asking Bivens what time he was there, no finger print check on the Friday newspaper, timeline is a mess, dropping Heidi's CI card, not really pursuing MB, Steen and Roger, ignoring people saying they confessed to them, Jenn W.

Wouldn't some of this be followed up hard? Nope they knew who and covered it up for them. And then there is Judge King and nothing is credible to him..

Poor Lisa and Randi were stepped on by King and he denied her to call more witnesses. And let's not forget about him letting Bohere off the stand because he was upset.

I had panic attacks when I was younger and that is not how they affect you. They just come for no reason at all with heavy breathing, being scared, sweating MB is a liar.

Barneys rental unit burned to the ground. I wonder how many insurance claims he can have before he gets caught. One, two, three, he has more than you can count on both hands and toes.

You name it, he's claimed it. The man's a con artist and a pure menace to society. Trump proposal could squelch Washington protest.

Claudia Tenney supported a bill that would require webmasters to remove anonymous posts. Not only should these people be voted out of office but they should be hunted down like the treasonous scum they are and locked away in federal prisons.

Is John Katko's ad about Dana Balter's taxes accurate? Of course the answer is no. I knew that as soon as I heard it.

Katko is lying his ass off just like his daddy Donald Trump. People will buy anything that is 'one to a customer. They didn't belong to Mr.

Wiltse, at the 7: One of them could have belonged to the "probably suspect" person on April 14, Curiously, the person who claimed to have seen the 2 vehicles around 7: But that person was already named on a lead from Mr.

Allen previous to this witness' interview. What time did Brett Law leave the store? He testified to 6: Is that what you remember from reading "Where's Heidi?

Curious how Brett was ruled out. According to police notes, Brett's Bronco was white and brown. Was it simply because of the time he said he left?

It did come to light in the trial that Brett assaulted an ex-gf and didn't treat Heidi very well, from witness statements. Fahey to peruse himself when they came to light during Gary's sentencing.

When looking at a crime such as this where it appears that Heidi had to have been lured out of the store, either by someone she knew or a customer that was having trouble at a pump, someone with a motive would seem more plausible rather than someone that had no link to Heidi.?.

How can Heidi's family still trust law enforcement, Dodd, Oakes and Todd specifically, when they are firm to the belief that the inmates were telling the truth that Heidi and Gary had a drug relationship?

It just doesn't fit, especially with what came out with Brett Law's most recent interview to police. Clearly the times were off.

But by how much? Time enough for some people to meet up in the parking lot for a drug deal as police were told happened?

Has anyone else considered the vehicle placement from Bivens, Mr. Pierce and that 7: Doesn't Bivens testify that the van was parked perpendicular to the store near the single front door?

What sense would that make for anyone who was brazen enough to kidnap another person during daytime, on a Holiday when people would be driving the streets to go to church or to relatives' houses, to park perpendicular when the vehicle could have been used to obstruct view?

The good ol boys should be nervous. Seeing as there is a lack of common sense in the Sheriff Department and the DA Office, they may comprehend one thing.

Hilton's victory was "we the people" coming for you. It was their way of saying after watching the drugs, the deaths, the lies, the murders, the injustice seep through every cranny of oz, we the people flipped you the bird.

Many that night made phone calls to others, many laughed their asses off when Hilton won, we knew your time was done. Many cried that night a flicker of hope was all they needed and the hope rests in Hilton's hands.

So Sheriffs it's time for a deep cleaning after the death of Gary Thibodeau and the many sick things you've done to others, we pray the ones who intentionally did this, spend the remainder of their lives behind bars.

Many also hope Greg Oakes, Moody, Petrowski are lead from the department in cuffs by federal authorities with Dodd and both Todd's in shackles, just as they did to Gary Thibodeau, don't forget to lead them down the stairs Gary fell down.

Some day, you'll run out of time, maybe it'll kick off in If so enjoy your holiday. May it be your last free world holiday you ever spend not behind bars.

Shaking in your boots I hear, good it's time the fear you've sent out in to the community haunts you, until it catches up with you and the last words you hear are you have the right to remain silent.

Hilton's standing at the gates of Oz, point blank hell, if he listens to Johnny Cash he will remember this when he faces the reality of Oz, we can only hope he never backs down https: One or two jurors were wrong.

Hung jury, how funny, so which one of the bunch swayed the jury? Reading about this Bivens is the 2nd 0r 3rd witness to say the van was light blue.

Fabin in a statement about a van behind her said the same thing. Bivens stated wrong van twice and then after they showed him pictures of it he changed his mind in court and helped convict an innocent man.

Just wondering would this swing in his testimony be held up in court? Twice he denied it and it still held up.

And all this time Mike Bohere had a white van. What happened to it? Was it crushed, sold, given away? I think I remember the OCSD said they couldn't find any record of him owning a white van just weeks after the crime.

A person testified to Mike letting him use it to scrap. And of course there wasn't any cover up in this crime. Please contact the OCSD with any info and they will shred it as soon as they get it.

Do you remember Tonya on TV saying she was getting death threats? Gary was in prison and he wouldn't do it any way, she was helping him.

Before contacting the OCSD you might want to wait until after the first of the year when the new sheriff takes over.

This sheriff has yet to show any interest in getting to the truth. The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

John Burroughs Read more at: Bivens There has to be a reason he would go along with what Dodd and the police told him. Though I hate to agree with Mike Bohrer as he is a piece of shit His testimony certainly wasn't truthful.

Page of the trial transcript, Bivens first mentions that male 2 had a limp. If that was correct, that would make Richard according to the 'theory' as the person holding Heidi.

How tall was Richard? Noticeably shorter than Heidi. Gary's verdict failed all the rules the judge gave to them. Check the partial judges instructions posted here on September 27, Have ya'll carefully considered the leads that were posted in Lisa Peebles' filing?

From Gary "the Innocent" Thibodeau https: Stinson answers Stinson was driving a little grey car. Make and model not remembered.

I know it wasn't the first Ford escort , the wife totaled that while the kids were still young enough to hang upside down in car seats, I know it wasn't the third one Chevy Lumina , the youngest was old enough to total that one, Yup, had to be the second one.

Funny what we do remember. Swenkowski testified to seeing Richard there, even had to swerve around his van as they were both leaving the parking lot If it were Richard's van with Gary, then at the time Swenkowski was leaving, Swenkowski should have seen the crime Bivens should have seen a red sports car that Swenkowski was driving, but he didn't.

How can that be? Saw a van but not a red sports car next to it? And why didn't he say he saw a red car? He didn't because both Richard and Swenkowski both left and Bivens saw a van that came in after this and he watched a kidnapping.

My hunch has always been someone came after Richard left and grab Heidi. And I remember reading Steen said I think he told that to Tonya and after that I believe Tonya said Thumper there is an innocent man sitting in prison.

And Dodd if you go to trial for this cover up There is nothing is more musical than a sunset. Stinson Thank you for recalling specific details about April 3, Were you driving a red pickup truck that morning?

Thank you for your response. This is the typical hate campaign that is so standard of the truly uneducated people who subscribe to the Trump philosophy.

Scott will be an excellent Judge who will make fair judgments based on the facts instead of party politics, which is typical of the Republican Judicial System that now rules Oswego County.

Maybe if Scott was the judge for the Thibodeau trial, there may have been a different outcome. I will vote for Scott DelConte and if you want a judicial system that is fair, you should also.

Trump says that his daughter Ivanka, real name "Ivana," would be great as Kikki's replacement. Al she knows is how to buy shoes at Sack's Fifth Ave in Manhatton.

Where the hell is this country going????? Have to laugh I recently sat by one of the families involved in Heidi Allen, Hilton was brought up, wouldn't you know it they are spreading Hilton's corrupt.

I have to laugh must be fear is getting to them. An outsider coming in, so now they want to destroy his integrity as they did Gary Thibodeaus.

I then brought up the idea drug use in Oswego is higher than any area is New York LOL once again they claimed Hilton's dirty doesn't know what the hell he is talking about.

I hope one of the words they hear from Hilton is, you have the right to remain silent. Maybe then they'll learn to shut their traps.

Hilton needs to brace for impact they are out to destroy who he is. Timeline I can say I believe Stitson, I do think he arrived at the time he testified to, I don't think he saw a damn thing as he admitted.

The fact is the timeline is off, the cash register was broken, the wall clock was never changed and the only two who collaborated the times to be right on with Officer Curtis's watch time was himself and the store owner Kris Duell, the very person who hired Heidi, who found her CI card, and the one who's file was tampered with.

I probably feel worse about telling her that sometimes she snores too and keeps me awake. They were married in real life, but slept in separate bedrooms on the series.

Fred and Wilma bunked together on their rock bed in The Flintstones from but their eligibility is also questioned because despite being human in character, they were cartoons and not real actors.

I remember several times Fred snored through episodes when he and Wilma were sleeping. I think Wilma was just fine and obviously humanity continued and evolved, at least in cartoon world.

Yes, this may have all taken place in the "early days," but even as late as series "The Brady Bunch", six children shared a single bathroom that lacked even a toilet.

Small town rural America can not survive without people like Pat and Tonya White and their children: For more than 65 years this family has invested in small towns in Kansas with grocery stores.

Since that time, two of my children worked in their store in Medicine Lodge. Both Joey and Nicholas stocked shelves in high school.

I want to brag and gush over this family. They have taught him so much and now given him the opportunity to be a store manager.

I hope he makes them as proud of Joey as I am. It was so much fun to sit back and watch the community of St John get a new grocery store on that day and listen to speeches given by their economic development group and Pat White.

We were so happy to be a part of the celebration. The Whites get little recognition for all they do for their communities.

There were no giant checks or big stories about them in the newspaper. They did it because they truly care about the communities they serve.

Ronda and I appreciate their friendship and for them giving Joey a chance to do something big. Seeing Joey grow and succeed is a blessing to his mother and I.

Congratulations to the city of St. John and all of the organizations that worked so hard to convince the Whites to come to town.

You will never regret asking them to put in that store. I was very impressed with the warm reception they were given. There was even a marching band present at the ribbon cutting.

Small towns like Medicine Lodge and St. John should be thankful for families like the Whites who are willing to make huge investments in the communities they serve.

Also deserving of some praise is Lance and Sloan Freeman. They are young and motivated people who call our area home and they are growing their business and have placed a pharmacy inside.

It was fun seeing them on Wednesday. We have a snapshot of how Peace Treaty went and tonight The Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Board will meet to discuss what we already know to be true.

Attendance to our Pageant productions over the three day weekends are on a steady decline, similar to preceding pageants up until when it nearly became the last pageant.

The hard truth is, every Peace Treaty could be the last. It brings in a huge crowd to Medicine Lodge. I watched it 5 times in 9 days this year between rehearsal and performances and participated in many scenes.

I love it each time I see it. I am in awe of the history of our area and would personally not change much of how it is presented.

I could never pull that excuse off. This event is 2 hours of action and history packed into a beautiful amphitheater with over actors.

Most who come to town only go to the free events. Help us keep History Alive in Medicine Lodge. Support future Peace Treaties!

I want to thank my buddy Pete Meador for being such a great supporter of Peace Treaty. We always try to get a photo together after our signing scene.

Another Peace Treaty weekend is in the books. That will take us a little while to gather. It was just 23 minutes from my 20th birthday and my wife was delivering our first born child.

On October 3rd my baby girl will be 29 years old and the very next day, you can add 20 years to that and figure out my age! Inside this issue is our Special Edition, all about the history of our little town.

Let us take you back years to a time when our town was just a settlement with a stockade. Our community has grown into what it is today and now we look back and acknowledge the historic events that took place, shaping not only Medicine Lodge, but the expansion of the west in the United States.

The weekend celebration takes so many volunteers that they are impossible to list. This is only a tiny fraction of those who make this weekend possible.

We also rely heavily on The City of Medicine Lodge Crew and are so thankful for all of the things they do to help us prepare for this event.

Thank you to our Native American friends for coming and being a part of this weekend. Many of us are Peace Treaty Crazy at the moment. We love this community and the Peace Treaty and our mission is to keep it going for generations.

I have the pleasure of printing articles of three young men who are doing outstanding things in our community. Andrew posted on Facebook: I'll be here all week!

My booth is at Cottonwood Avenue just north of the outdoor arena. I called him on his cell to make sure he was still there and he was!

He has created a fire fighting rig called "The Minuteman" that easily fits into the back of a pickup quickly to fight fires. We stopped to see this invention and I was very impressed.

He also had several fair-goers stop by to look at his product and it seems like there is a lot of interest in it.

The product is well constructed and has some really cool features. Pake McNally is one of the most creative artists and people I have enjoyed meeting.

He also has created a product: In addition to this invention, he is a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and creates works of art from metal.

He has a brilliant mind and I am excited to see his business evolve. Finally, Aaron Traffas has released a new EP. I consider Aaron a dear friend.

We are on polar opposite ends of the political spectrum, but we can talk and disagree without yelling and screaming. For this, I have hope. Liberals and Conservatives can have conversations and strive towards common goals.

Aaron is a talented song writer, musician and sound technician. We have a lot of the same interests, we just disagree about politics. I see great things in the future of Medicine Lodge and Barber County with the creative minds in these three young men.

It is very humbling to be able to complement these young men. There are many young men and women in our community who are the new "movers and shakers.

You guys are making history. Keep up the good work. Keep dreaming and congratulations! Every day from here until pageant time, there is some important task to complete in preparation for Peace Treaty.

As board members, Ronda and I know first hand the work that goes into putting on a pageant year production. Thousands of man hours go into preparing for Peace Treaty.

It is all volunteer and each and every one of you who donate your time and resources are so greatly appreciated. Over the next couple of weeks, we will finish up our Peace Treaty Special Edition.

We will publish it with our Monday, September 24 newspaper. This edition highlights just a fraction of the people who make Peace Treaty happen. I would like to encourage and challenge you to do something very important to keeping our heritage alive and keeping Peace Treaty solvent.

Buy a ticket to the pageant. I hear people say, "Oh, I already saw it back in Sales to the pageant and generous donations from sponsors are what keeps this event alive.

The truth is, every pageant could be the last one without ticket sales. Help spread the word to your friends and family this year and go see the Peace Treaty Pageant.

We have an amazing community with a rich history. Our story will continue to be told in the future with your support. A long time friend of mine passed away suddenly last week.

I had known him for 14 years. If you had ever been to a concert at the Cotillion in Wichita or any club that offered live music, you were probably hearing his work.

Mike Pickens was pretty close to my age. He was the house sound technician and a very good one at that. That was always our little joke.

Over the years Mike went on tour with several bands and became one of the most in demand people for tour management and sound engineering around. You could say Mike was a little odd, but it comes with the territory.

On at least 5 occasions in four different states, I had run into Mike at music events. He was working and was always happy to see a familiar face in the crowd.

At one event in Oklahoma City, Mike came up to me at the venue and asked if I could give him a ride home to Wichita after the show. He was cool with that.

In fact, he would have just come home with us and tried to catch a ride back to Wichita! I finally drew him a map and convinced him that he was as close to home in OKC as he would be at my house.

He owned a moped, some music gear and had a cat. He ended up finding a ride home the next day. He ran over to his console, threw on his headset and started listening to his mix.

I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. He took off his headset and I yelled back, "Hey man, I was just kidding.

He threw a little awkward, fun punch at me and looked at me with a silly grin through his thick round glasses.

He recently married the love of his life, Amy. They were scheduled to marry late winter earlier this year and Ronda and I had planned on making the trip to Kingman for the ceremony.

Bad weather rolled in and he sent out a Facebook message saying the wedding was off for the moment. A week later, he posted they were married and one of the photos had a mutual friend in it that he had as his best man.

He said, nobody came except our mutual friend Gabe and a couple of family members. It was just a spur of the moment wedding at the courthouse before the next round of bad weather rolled in.

He was dehydrated and worn out from his last trip across country. He went in for treatment and then went home.

His wife found him unresponsive the next day and he was revived and placed on a ventilator. Mike was taken off of life support on Tuesday of last week after several doctors gave bad reports of his condition.

He died at 2: Our mutual friend Gabe called me to tell me the sad news. I was out on the tractor mowing when the call came.

Mike was supposed to be here on Wednesday, September 26, to help with sound for Peace Treaty. There are many other sound technicians coming, but I was most excited to see Mike.

He will be missed by so many people. If you get a job when you go to Heaven, Mike would be in charge of making the Angels sound more awesome than they already do.

Wednesday moring my wife sighed and said, "Our office is a newspaper again. Yes, school is back in session and our office manager is starting her kindergarten year.

Thank you USD A friend is someone who is there to catch you when you fall or at least put your dislocated shoulder back in after you take a stupid-stumble.

A stupid-stumble is similar to a regular stumble, but involves you doing something stupid in the process of the stumble. My friend just happens to be very skilled in fixing this type of injury.

He also had a side kick that night who found my predicament quite amusing. Apparently, she thinks I should look down before stepping.

After a visit to our x-ray department at Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital, it looks like nothing is broken, but my left arm and shoulder are reminding me daily that I am not as young as I used to be.

I will be sporting a sling for the unforseeable future, which is really putting a kink in things like: It would also end it as a concert pianist, brain surgeon or astronaut.

I was fortunate enough to have my friends to help me and a box full of slings from other stumbles, stupid or not. Nick tore his shoulder in one of his last high school football games before joining the Navy.

If you know me well at all, you know I am crazy about music. Ronda and I are always finding a concert we want to see and last week we managed to break our own record.

The really cool part is that both times, it was Peter Frampton! The reason it was so hard to write, is because I care so much for this family.

Emma Jo and Gary Rucker are the sweetest couple you could ever meet. To hear that they were terrorized in their own home saddened and angered me.

They witnessed about the love, grace and mercy of Jesus to this man. Their son Flint said it best when he told me that they were "the best parents in the world.

I was on FaceTime with my son in Okinawa when we saw the helicopter fly over our ranch. The very ranch where Flint keeps a herd of cattle.

Little did we know, that helicopter was flown in to transport the man who had just assaulted the Ruckers.

I turned my phone around and showed Nick. When I heard the news later that night, I texted Nick back and we shared in the shock of what had happened.

I texted Flint the next morning, but wanted to give him a few days before I spoke with him. I knew that he was being bombarded with questions and I hated to be that one more reporter guy that called.

So finally on Wednesday, Flint stopped in and sat down for the better part of an hour to tell me what had happened. For most of my life, I have idolized Flint Rucker.

Tough as nails, with a heart of gold. I consider him one of the greatest friends and men in my life. He has been encouraging to me, shared in good times and bad and has always been there when I needed him.

I want him to know that he is special to me and my family and loved by this community. Flint is so humble. He would not want the recognition or mention, but he is a hero who gives credit where credit is due.

This was a God thing that he was able to overpower that would-be thief and killer. Things could have ended so differently for the Ruckers that night.

Flint is a man who has always had strong faith in God. This can only reinforce his beliefs. I pray that Emma Jo and Gary and Flint and Donna and all the huge Rucker family heal emotionally and physically from this event.

I know they are strong people and they love each other and their community. When I think of what Flint did and what could have happened, I get goosebumps, but it reminds me of some scripture that I believe is a perfect example of how Flint lives his life.

We lost our loyal friend of almost 15 years last weekend. Hyde was a smart and kind German Shepherd that was just a natural part of our family.

Ronda and I found an advertisement from a family selling German Shepherd puppies over by Augusta back in We had just lost our friend "Beau" who was hit while chasing a truck.

We had said we would never get another dog, but our hearts were so broken and empty. We brought our new puppy home and named him "Hyde.

As our kids all grew up and left the nest, it was just me, Ronda and Hyde. We slowly watched him grow from a puppy to an old man. In his younger years, Hyde could jump higher than your head for a frisbie or ball, he could catch a treat in his mouth from more than 25 yards away.

He knew multiple commands and would do some of the funniest tricks like spinning in circles until he got his treat. Hyde loved to ride in my truck, in the back.

With the "load up" command, he would literally jump into anything that had wheels. He went everywhere with me. If I had a town errand, he came with me.

He came to the office for the first few years of his life until he just got too big and was too nervous of all the traffic.

He also got a little too protective when customers came in and we took him home to be on the ranch. He was a farm boy. He would go on long walks with Ronda and I and occasionally spot a deer and take off running.

He would be gone for hours and always returned tired. As a member of the family, he joined us for our first Christmas photo back in Looking back, he was in graduation photos, birthday photos and about every holiday occasion we had.

He never acted as though he were in pain and would still come out occasionally and sit on the porch with us for dinner.

I knew he hurt though. I took it apart and tried to gently bring him to his food and water. I could see it in his eyes. I called Joey to let him know that Hyde was going to be gone that day.

He was in Denver and I hated to ruin his weekend, but he understood. He wished he could have been there with us. I sent Nick a message, knowing it was late in Japan, but wanted him to know that we were about to lose his first dog.

Moments later Nick flooded Facebook with photos and this message: Constantly missing friends and family.

But the hardest part is losing someone and not being able to say good-bye. Hyde was truly the best dog I could have asked for. I remember sitting in the garage talking to him and pretending that we had full conversations with each other without needing to say a word.

There's no love like a love for your dog. But it makes my heart easy knowing he's not in pain anymore. God got the goodest boy today.

He may be United States Navy stationed with Marines and hardened by his training, but his heart is soft and I knew it was broken.

Ronda and I sat quietly on the ground and brushed him out and said our good-byes. We shed a lot of tears for our friend and furry child of 15 years.

We held his head in our lap as Dr. Lynch showed such amazing compassion as she reassured us we were doing the right thing. We laid him to rest in our yard, overlooking the pond he would swim in.

I imagine Hyde being able to run and jump and play again, like when he was a puppy. Everyday we get up and look out the window where his kennel is.

We remember every bark, whether it was to warn us or just to say "hey! You can only hope that one day our compassionate God would allow us to see our pets again.

Gilberto Escamilla, 53, was employed at the Darrel B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center in San Benito, Texas, until August — when it was discovered that he had been placing orders for fajitas using county funds and then selling them for his own profit since December , according to Cameron County Court filings.

According to The Brownsville Herald, Escamilla's scheme unraveled last August after a delivery driver with Labatt Food Service phoned the detention center to give kitchen employees a heads up that an pound delivery of fajitas had arrived.

Employees immediately thought the delivery to be suspicious as minors at the detention center are not served fajitas, however the delivery driver insisted that had been delivering fajitas to the detention center's kitchen for the past nine years.

After being fired and arrested, Escamilla's house was searched by police, who found packages of the fajitas in his refrigerator.

It started small and got bigger and out of control," Escamilla said during court testimony, according to the Herald.

Texas State District Judge J. Manuel Banales, who handed down the sentence, dismissed an additional theft charge as part of an earlier plea deal made by Escamilla.

It also allows for a more severe punishment if the defendant commits a crime while acting as a public servant. There are a lot of positive and negatives when a holiday falls in the middle of a work week.

For us, it was mostly negative. Our scheduling got tight with deadlines and it was harder for us to get things written and placed in the paper.

On the positive side, nobody knew which weekend to do fireworks shows, so we saw one on June 30th at 99 Springs, one on Tuesday night at Dr. I appreciate all of those folks who light up the sky in honor or our Independence Day.

Speaking of the holiday Last year, I bought Joey and I shirts. Mine had President Trump riding an American Eagle and holding a machine gun on it.

They both said "Freedom" on them. I got some laughs from a few people. Nick spent it on base in Okinawa in his room for the most part as a Typhoon rolled over the island for a few days.

It was the first time he admitted to being home sick in a long time. Our first Weird Beard contestent was named this week. It goes out to my buddy Andrew Meador.

Keep those photos coming! A friend came to visit me this week. We come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but we are most often in agreement on topics.

Our discussion turned to the ongoing spotlight the media has placed on immigration. Dealing with the issue generally stirs up a lot of opinion.

The most recent discussion, rightly so, has been on the subject of separating children from family at the border. The images of children sleeping in cages and crying for their parents does make you sick, but the zero tolerance policy is an enforcement of laws that have been on the books for quite some time.

I applaud the president for reversing his decision to separate children from family. At the same time, I am a firm believer in secure borders.

Those seeking asylum in our country are simply trying to escape from the hardships they are experiencing in their own countries.

The dreams of freedom America has to offer would make anyone from a third world nation want to come here. My personal feelings are that I welcome all who want to come to our country and live productive and fruitful lives.

Most all of us here today come from lineage of refugees or immigrants. Our country is a country of law and order.

People wanting to enter into this country, must do so legally and orderly, not through porous holes in our southern border.

Thousands of people enter illegally and many commit heinous crimes against citizens of The United States. As many of you know, I also work as a surety agent.

I deal with a number of Hispanic defendants, normally very good people simply trying to better themselves by coming to our country. They work harder than most of us, but they so often circumvent our system.

When arrested, they become extremely difficult to bond. Many have aliases, prior convictions and a large percentage of them abscond from their responsibility to answer to our courts for their crimes.

My highest rate of absconding comes from illegal immigrants. One of my largest lost bonds was on a drug smuggler from Poland who worked for the Mexican Cartel.

She overstayed her visa, committed several felonies and then fled the country. Thankfully, she will never return.

If she does, she will be sent to prison for a very long time. Folks, these are scary people, doing scary things. People associated with them, lost their lives.

They were American citizens. Last week the president addressed the media concerning victims of illegal immigration.

President Trump highlighted "American victims of illegal immigration" on Friday, hosting families of people killed by people who immigrated to the U.

Trump said at the White House. I watched family member after family member holding photos of their lost loved ones and listening to their stories.

We have to embrace the fact that we do have an immigration problem and stop turning it into a talking point for elections.

I say we at least let him try or offer up a better solution that still keeps Americans safe. We need to stop taking a side and start thinking constructively, yet compassionately.

Before you fix your leaking water line in your house, you do one simple thing: Before you change a receptacle in your house, you shut off the breaker.

Our border should be treated the same. A sixth branch of the military, in space no less, could be in our near future.

Unless congress launches that idea into the sun see older columns for reference to shooting things into the sun. Last week President Trump announced "Space Force.

Very importantly, I'm hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish the Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.

I think it would be so cool to have them modeled after Storm Troopers from Star Wars movies. Those guys are super intimidating. All joking aside, space is an important place to be dominant.

You must consider that our satellite technology is of the utmost priority in the event of a war. If space is secure, then our troops on the ground have a better chance of winning battles.

Sorry to my lib friends. I think Trump is on to something here. No offense to my kids, but I am glad they are out of the house and on their own.

They are always your kids and always come home. Last weekend we had all three of our kids home. This is pretty tough to manage considering one of them lives 7, miles away.

They may all be adults now, but when they come home, they pick up right where they left off. They make a mess! When you are 40 people, you are just crazy.

Yep, we had about 40 family members show up over the weekend. It was our 30th wedding anniversary and aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers and cousins and extended family all came to celebrate with us.

The next time we all will be together will be in April of when Nick and Natalie get married! It takes my breath away a little bit to think it will be that long before we see him again.

Two high school sweethearts tied the knot on June 17, just one month after I graduated from high school. There were groans from family and friends when we announced we were getting married.

They said we were too young. We were, but all we had was each other and we did it. We have so many stories from 30 years. Not only does it mark our 30th, we will have all of our children home.

Nicholas of course is in the Navy based with the Marines in Okinawa. He did it while being promoted! There will be so much to celebrate. This will be a bittersweet gathering for us.

How Ronda has ever put up with me, I will never know. There has never been another love in my life as I have found in you Ronda.

You are my wife, my best friend, my business partner and so much more. We were last together at Christmas, which just seems like yesterday.

This trip home comes after a short deployment to South Korea and the Philippines. When he came home in December, I warned him that it was cold here in Kansas.

It was like 65 degrees. When I talked to him last week, I warned him it was hot and humid here. He said, "Dad, I live near the Equator.

One of my favorite things about Nick coming home is his menu requests. I would imagine I could grill hamburgers every night and he would be fine with that.

I realize that we have to share him with someone very special to him, his fiance Natalie Bare. They will be making plans for their April wedding.

Natalie will be going with Ronda and I on Friday to pick him up. The British government offered the Algerians manpower, equipment, and expert assistance to expedite the resolution of the crisis, but was refused.

American, British, and French nationals are thought to be among the dead. In other news, the latest figures from Angola indicate that at least , Chinese nationals have migrated to the country.

The Angolan government says that work permits were issued for the Chinese to assist with development projects. To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to Andy Bostom, C. Commenters are advised to leave their comments at this post rather than with the news articles so that they are more easily accessible.

Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here.

We check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible.

Further research and verification are left to the reader. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Unzensuriert. The number of pupils with a first language other than German has doubled from to The doubling in the number of multilingual students is evident in virtually all provinces in Austria.

The Styrian province is the only outlier, where the number of children with a different native language has tripled from about 5, to 16, The nationwide statistics conceals the dramatic developments in Vienna, because German is hardly spoken in the primary schools of the federal capital.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives. Scroll down for other posts that have appeared since Wednesday.

Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews.

I generally delete such comments without publishing them. Before I deleted it, I sent it to Takuan, just to show him what was coming in. He suggested that I go ahead and post it, followed by his response.

Some interesting points, a lot of waffle and some errors. Top class, modern historians now regard that figure as grotesquely disproportionate.

It is one of the most successful internationsal businesses of all time. You have the temerity to post this kind of Nazi apologist garbage in a comments thread of an article by a writer whose gentile grandparents had been murdered in a concentration camp and whose gentile mother spent two years in a labor-extermination camp, was a state witness in the post-war trial of its commandant, and relayed her wartime experiences to this writer directly.

Moreover, a writer who was born and grew up one hour by car from Auschwitz and three kilometers from the plant where the firm Hoch und Tiefbau AG had built the crematoria for that camp.

In which, alone, 2. Moreover, you desecrate the memory of Witold Pilecki plus other Polish officer escapees from Auschwitz who produced written reports, e.

I am omitting here reports by Jewish escapees, for example the Vrba-Wetzler report, as well as the fate of the Jewish part of my family during the war, so as to skirt the whole specious Joooos-tainted-it aspect of your comment.

The lowest for Auschwitz, for instance by the Polish historian Franciszek Piper , cites 1. The highest figure cited for Auschwitz is 4 million.

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that.

More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

For over 60 years, White mea-culpists have had a firm grip in all fields of cultural mind imprinting: Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

K and discretionary e. Nor the evils of the worldwide Islamic Inquisition which — not in the 16th century but now, in the 21st, condemns Muslim apostates to barbaric execution.

Instead, aggressive White androphobes of all genders which I can no longer count are decimating the philogynous and egalitarian West.

Equality psychos are tearing down the most egalitarian society that ever existed except for initial communist experiments, before they turned bloody.

American Jews, at the apex of the greatest fortune and philosemitic tolerance their long diaspora has ever bestowed on their kind, are busy supporting all the ideologies and policies that demolish their safe harbor and build up their Muslim, Black and Third World enemies.

Leftoid masochists and the Christian meek call for returning Hawaii to the Hawaiians and capitulating before a massive Mexican reconquista of one-third of America.

The rightful Etruscan landowners are not bearing angry placards in front of the Vatican. The Japanese are not planning to relinquish Hokkaido to its original owners, the Ainu.

The tall, white and fair-haired Chachapoyas of the Andean forest have, alas, no remnants left to sue the Incas for genocide in a Peruvian court of law.

However, even that great moral abyss of Western civilization — the Holocausts — stands out more in its industrialized and organizational features than it does either in the quality of its hatefulness or its relative or even absolute volumes.

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